Saturday, May 12, 2012

12-of-12: May 2012

Hi again!
Here I am, 2 days in a row!
It's been a long (fun) day, and I'm exhausted, but wanted to post my 12-of-12 before I crashed for the night.

Started the day with a run with my favorite running buddy, Brokk.  You might remember him from my last 12-set (in December).  We run almost every day, just a couple miles, but it's enough to keep us both happy.

I thought his 2-miles was enough... but then he wanted to play Wrestle Mania with his sister.
Moving TOO fast for the camera - and catching air!

I wasn't the only sweaty one on the front porch...

Kids (and I) couldn't pass up the opportunity for a nice walk in the woods today - the weather was perfect - sunny and mid-50s.
Look close... there are TWO dogs in this photo
Happy Hikers
We live in "farm country" - on our way home from the Forestry, we passed by these cows hanging in their pasture - just begging to have their photos taken.  I had to oblige.

The "World's Best Niece" had a softball game today... this kid is amazing... pitches, catches, and smashes the ball just over the infielders' heads.  Yep... I'm a proud Aunt.
... and she has a mischievous little brother, too.  Total cutie.

After celebrating Mother's Day a little early with my Mom (and the rest of the family), I came home to find a special little surprise in my mailbox... a BTC sticker from my friend and super-triathlete, Joe!  THANKS, Joe!  Subi is loving her new bling

So that's it.  It was a very fun Saturday... I hope to see you again next month (or before).


Scully said...

Adorable post.. adorable pictures!

Sunny Archibald said...

Hi - I'm so glad you found my site again, which prompted me to find yours and add a feed. I'm pretty bummed that there's no central place to post, but I guess I'm not bummed enough to have created that central place myself. Looks as if you had a great Saturday. Love your new running partner. Now, I need to go find more of our 12 of 12 friends.