Saturday, May 12, 2012

12-of-12: May 2012

Hi again!
Here I am, 2 days in a row!
It's been a long (fun) day, and I'm exhausted, but wanted to post my 12-of-12 before I crashed for the night.

Started the day with a run with my favorite running buddy, Brokk.  You might remember him from my last 12-set (in December).  We run almost every day, just a couple miles, but it's enough to keep us both happy.

I thought his 2-miles was enough... but then he wanted to play Wrestle Mania with his sister.
Moving TOO fast for the camera - and catching air!

I wasn't the only sweaty one on the front porch...

Kids (and I) couldn't pass up the opportunity for a nice walk in the woods today - the weather was perfect - sunny and mid-50s.
Look close... there are TWO dogs in this photo
Happy Hikers
We live in "farm country" - on our way home from the Forestry, we passed by these cows hanging in their pasture - just begging to have their photos taken.  I had to oblige.

The "World's Best Niece" had a softball game today... this kid is amazing... pitches, catches, and smashes the ball just over the infielders' heads.  Yep... I'm a proud Aunt.
... and she has a mischievous little brother, too.  Total cutie.

After celebrating Mother's Day a little early with my Mom (and the rest of the family), I came home to find a special little surprise in my mailbox... a BTC sticker from my friend and super-triathlete, Joe!  THANKS, Joe!  Subi is loving her new bling

So that's it.  It was a very fun Saturday... I hope to see you again next month (or before).

Friday, May 11, 2012


Hello Blogger-land.  It's me, Jill.
Yes, it's been a long, long... long time since my last post.
I just haven't been ready.

I expect I'll be joining the fray again... tomorrow.  In case you're still interested in what's up in my world.

What better way to start up than in the same fashion where I left off.
... a 12-of-12.

Going to get the camera out tomorrow to see what we can see.
Till then.