Thursday, February 12, 2009

12-of-12: February 2009

Thanks, as always, to Chad Darnell for creating this fun event called the 12-of-12 - the rules are simple, 12 photos to document the 12th day of each month. For those who want to know more about Chad & his Project (or to see other participants in the 12-of-12), visit his site here.

This month is dedicated to my "kids" seeing as how winter has returned with a vengeance today after a balmy 50-degree day yesterday (yes, temps above freezing are VERY odd for February in Western NY). There's been a nasty mix of snow and rain and wind all day that has made it less than conducive to play outside. Maybe next month I'll have some shots that exhibit more creativity.

Here's an intro to the crew:

Mackie is a brindle Mastiff-mix who had a rough start to life... she and her siblings were abandoned at a local shelter one night and found the next day by the shelter staff. Sadly, her sister didn't make it and died of Parvo a few weeks after being found. She came to us at around 21 weeks (her birthday is not known) and had some "issues" at first - like the fact that she was terrified of men. She's almost 5 years old and a total spit-fire. She's super smart and loves to instigate trouble around the house with her "little" brother.

TaterBug is a purebred Bullmastiff who comes from AKC champion bloodlines. He's the little prince who has been totally spoiled since conception. He's a lover, not a fighter and just wants to be held 24-7 (or longer, if possible). We've trained him to give people a "small smooch" since his tongue is 3" wide and can take off many layers of skin if given the chance.

Tsunami is a gorgeous captive-bred Jungle Carpet Python. She's also a total b*tch. When we got her we were warned that she would be different from our Boa in that she would not be as receptive to being handled as he was (arboreal pythons like here live in trees and thus are more skittish than ground-dwelling boa constrictors). So, she has become more of a visual pet (like fish in a take - ya can't pet 'em) than one who likes to hang out and watch TV with you.

And finally the fish - these little guys live in a 5 gallon tank in the kitchen. They used to be in my office when I had a desk job, but now they keep me company when I cook (well... them AND Mackie & TaterBug who anxiously await a morsel that falls to the floor). BTW, check out the 2nd fish photo and look at the little Neon Tetra in the middle of the frame - Do you think he knew I was taking his photo?? What a pose!

Hope you enjoyed this month's 12-of-12. Think SPRING!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wait Wait

Feb 1, 2009 was one of the BEST episodes of Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me: The NPR News Quiz. I was laughing all the way through it... it was great!

I don't really consider this a true Podcast seeing as how it's a radio show... but I had to comment. The panelists were ON today - playing off each others' comments - coming up with some really sharp stuff.

I have given up on listening to newscasts - it's WAY too depressing - so this is an excellent way to get some current event news without wanting to kill myself.

Oh... and just one last note - in case Peter Sagal is reading this: I LOVE your Geekness! You make it cool. :)


Continuing on the fitness kick started back in November... 3 days ago, I began a new program with the hubby... P90X! Three months of intense workouts. We've taken the "before" photos and weighed in and have committed ourselves to working together to get 'r done till we complete the series in early May.

I'm excited about it. The workouts are killer, but like the pushups, the more I do, the better I feel. Looking forward to my beach body - an the progress in between.

OH, by the way, I was able to do 87 push-ups by the end of the push-up program. I haven't forgotten it, but have put it on hold till the end of the 90 day P90X series.