Monday, December 12, 2011

12-of-12: December 2011

I wasn't sure I'd get this 12-done today.  BUT, I HAD TO!

Today marks the end of 12-of-12 creator, Chad Darnell's, 12-of-12 Project. He's got a ton of new stuff on his plate and can no longer produce this monthly photo event.  I participated for the first time in October 2008 and the 12-of-12 has been a pretty regular occurrence since then.  I've really enjoyed playing along and thank Chad for starting it all.  (This may not be the end of the 12-of-12, maybe just hosted by a different person... stay tuned).

So as I mentioned in my first line, I wasn't sure I'd be able to complete my 12-of-12 this month.  It's Monday, after all.  But it wasn't the day of the week that worried me... after I got a few miles from home this morning I realized I forgot my camera.  OOPS!  But, I compensated by using my iPhone.  All of today's photos were taken on my phone, edited, too.

7:30-8:30am - Buffalo, NY
Here I go... off to work!
Approaching  Buffalo, on the I-190 Northbound
New Courthouse (*and some Occupy Buffalo campers)
8:30am - I arrive at work, The American Red Cross, Buffalo
786 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY
How lucky am I to call this place my new "home" - I started my new job with the Red Cross a few weeks ago.
My view to the left
My view to the right
4:45pm - Heading home
Just  before the sun sets I arrive at my car, while it warms up, I snap one last shot of the former Clement Family Mansion.

5:30pm - at Home
Lots of puppy chores to do tonight - clean ears, trim nails, etc - but before I do that, I grab a little treat (my last reminders of my trip to Hawaii)... ya gotta love the name "Island Hula Yummies"!!
A little aloha in every bite!
Nails & toes are done... time to refill the bones & return them to the freezer for tomorrow morning.  (each kid gets one when the hubby leaves for work - there's one more hidden in the house somewhere, gotta find that sometime)
nom nom nom nom nom nom
The "new guy" - Brokk - he's been with us for 2 weeks
The princess, Mackie.... who loves peanut butter (and her new little brother)


Time for a little TV...
Can you guess?
I thought this shot was pretty cool, even tho you can't tell what it is....
until you see this screen

So, that was my uneventful day in pictures.  I was hoping to get one more of the kids hanging out together, but they decided to do other things while I watched TV.  Hope you're having a good December so far - Happy Holidays & Happy New Year.  Hope to see you in 2012!

... oh, the 12-of-12-of-2012... such an exciting thought!


Lucrecia Bloggia said...

It is a good thing you had your iphone!
Brokk looks adorable!!

I wish you a very happy Christmas! And yes, we might "see" each other next year!
Take care! ;¬)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures Jill! Our dog loves peanut butter too, and we have one specifically labelled for him in the fridge as well. :)

Hopefully someone picks up where Chad left off so we can keep "keeping up with" one another! :)

JCB said...

Brokk is CUTE! What kind of puppy is he? The building you work in looks very cool.

Bruno Laliberté said...

I remember leaving home with my firends, and as I got ready to take some pics, I realized the battery was still in the charger...
Good thing I had my cellphone!!
You managed quite well!
See you again soon!!

Jill said...

Julie - he's a Bullmastiff. He's like a mini, tho, because he's only 80 pounds :)

Bruno Laliberté said...

Since there is no email on your profile, I had to proceed this way...
greetings from up north and Happy Holidays to you and your family!!