Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Turn the Page... Tuesday

Hello November!    (and hello 11/1/11!)
It's the first Tuesday of the month... that means book review time with Adrienne and Turn the Page... Tuesday! 

You might be interested in knowing... I have an alarm set on my phone to remind me about TTP...T every month on the first Tuesday.  I was prompted to post at 7:45 this morning... I even went to read Adrienne's post, then get started on mine... then... oops... I got distracted (probably by something shiny) and didn't RE-remember to post till just now (7:43pm).

BUT, it's still Tuesday, so I guess I'm not late!

I'm in the middle of two books, again, this month. Two VERY different books, I might add.

hmmm, which to comment on first...

I know!  I'll talk about Born to Run by Christopher McDougall first.

This summer, I have had no fewer than three people suggest I read this book... including Arienne!  (a marathoner friend was another, and my Triathlon club, too)

I'm about 1/3 of the way through and so far, it seems to be more of a "hunt" than a book about running, tho I see where it's going because we have just met one of the amazing members of the "Hidden Tribe" and I suspect this is where the story is about to take off.

I've been running now for almost 2-years... I still don't consider myself a runner, but I do enjoy the calorie burn and the amazing physical change my body has gone through since starting it.  I'm hoping Born to Run has a few secrets to share about additional ways I can be a better runner... even if it's all in my head.  :)

I'm looking forward to finding out what happens in the rest of the book.  Stay tuned!

Also, I'm reading Catch-22 by Joseph Heller.

I thought I had a copy of this on my book shelf, but after a couple days of searching (not 48-hours of searching... I would check the shelf, not find it, leave, go back, check again), I came to the conclusion that we didn't own it.  I wasn't sure I wanted to own it, so I did something I haven't done in a LONG time... I went to the public library!

Side note... WOW, the library has changed a lot since I was there last.  I used self check-out... where you just place the books on a little "scale" and *POOF* the computer lists the books you are taking home and posts them to your account.  NEAT-O!

So, after I got over the euphoria of borrowing books the new-fangled way, I started Catch-22.  Set during WWII, the main theme of the book is the ass-backwards reasoning and bureaucracy of government and war.  For example, you can't fly bombing missions if you're crazy, and only crazy people would WANT to fly missions.  But if you ask not to fly you're obviously NOT crazy, so you have to fly them... and things like that.

I'm not loving it.  I understand the power of the story (the insanity of war) and why it made such an impact on the literary world... but I'm not devouring it like I have other books.

Side note #2... 2011 is the 50th anniversary of Catch-22, so that's kinda cool.

Anyway, I'm reading Catch-22 for our Book Club meeting next month.  I'm wondering if the discussion will change my feelings about the story, or if it will just reinforce my current opinion.

I may rent the movie before our meeting later this month... I read that Alan Arkin does a great job as Yossarian (tho he didn't really think so), and that it's quite a good adaptation of the book.

HOWEVER... I'm not finished with the book, so who knows, maybe things will change before I'm done.  I'll have to let you know next month.

Till then, happy reading!


Adrienne said...

So funny that we swapped books this month! I hope you find some inspiration in BTR - I sure did. Now if I could just this ankle of mine mended I'll be back at it!&

Paula said...

My daughter just read Catch 22 and wasn't sure what to think about much of it. I think it left her fairly confused. I'm holding out reading it...

Unknown said...

How interesting. I've never herd of Catch 22. I have a coworker who is a marathon runner. I'll have to ask if she has read Born To Run.