Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Podcast Novels

I mentioned in an earlier post that I am a HUGE audiobook "reader". I gobble them up at the rate of about one every week. I love those that give an interesting story but don't require super-focus or concentration seeing as how I'm driving & listening at the same time (and I try to be a good driver).

So, I've run through the published works (getting expensive!) and so went on iTunes to see what might be available for free. Low and behold... it's a gigantic treasure trove of Podcast Novels! Below is a list of works I've "read" and would definitely recommend. I'll go into detail about these novels sometime soon, but now I only have a few minutes before I have to go grocery shopping.

My very first Podcast Novel was "Murder at Avadon Hill". This novel deserves special mention because it's still a "work in progress". You see, I didn't realize when I first downloaded it that it wasn't finished. I assumed that everything on iTunes was a complete set. Nope not MAAH. PJ Holyfield records when he can (he sounds like a busy guy), so installments come every week to two-weeks to month. I'm lovign the story, tho, so I'll wait.

Waiting is tough for me... so I have since downloaded a bunch of other stories to keep me preoccupied. Here's the rest of the list, with links, so anyone who reads this blog can learn more.

- The Heaven Series (I-IV) by Mur Lafferty
- Chasing the Bard by Philippa Balentine ** AMAZING Story, one of my favorite works of fantasy - I liked it so much, I bought the book!!!
- Playing for Keeps by Mur Lafferty - VERY FUN not-so-super superhero novel
- Space Casey by Christiana Ellis

I hope to have more in-depth info on all of these where I talk about my thoughts, feelings, etc about the books, but for now, we all have to wait. I have to go get milk.

Blog at ya soon,
- Jill

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mightymur@gmail.com (Mur Lafferty) said...

Thanks for all the link-love, Jill! Glad you are liking the books!