Saturday, October 18, 2008

Favorite Podcast

I hate to say I have a favorite - every Podcast I listen to is cool/unique in it's own way - but one stands out as great in so many ways. Before I post which Podcast it is, let me tell you WHY it's my favorite.

First - Content. These guys really put together a nice show. Every week there is something new, something entertaining, or teaches me something I didn't know before I listened. The shows go by very quickly, leaving me bummed 'cuz I have to wait another week (usually) for the next show.

Second - Quality. Sound, music, lead-ins, organization. Everything is top-notch. From listening to podcasts for almost a year now (gobbling up 6-8 hours of content every day!) I have heard the best to the worst of podcasts. These guys really deliver on the quality side!

Finally - FUN. I am in on the fun with this show. Now, granted, not all the podcasts I listen to are aimed at being fun (medical ed, for example - not fun), but this one is. They sound like they're having fun putting the show together, they want their listeners to have fun, and they want their listeners involved. I love it!

Okay, okay... so who are these awesome, groovy, cool (and good-looking) podcasters??

Sonny & Sandy (of Sunny San Diego, CA) of PodCacher!
They do a show all about Geocaching. As they like to say, the show gives the listener:
  • Geocaching News
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Tools of the trade
  • Interviews
  • Opinions … lots of opinions
  • Cache stories and experiences
  • "Live" on-the-field tours and hunts

  • Check out their show by clicking the icon above or clicking here to learn more. Or, you can find them on iTunes.

    After you listen once or twice, then get up and go find an ammo can in the woods... it could change your life!

    Thanks, Sonny, Sandy (& Sean)! Keep up the good work!
    - TotalNRG

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