Sunday, November 2, 2008

My first "Comment"

Okay, this is cool! I received my first comment this week! WOO HOO!!

.. altho, it makes me a little nervous, 'cuz that means someone (besides me) is reading my blog. I guess that's the point of blogging, tho, right. If I wanted it to be "just me", I'd be writing in a paper diary or notebook.

Well, after receiving Mur Lafferty's comment this week (yes, Mur Lafferty - the author of Heaven & Playing for Keeps, amongst other titles), I figured I needed to follow-up on my promise to further review some of the podcast novels I've read... and I'll start with hers!

Let me back up a bit. When I read (or listen to a novel), I tend to be more on the sci-fi/fantasy side of things. I love adventure and abhor mushy, sexy, romance novels. I like to have fun when I read, or let writers challenge my ability to "suspend disbelief" and enter the world they create.

When I came across the Heaven Series, I thought: "This could be interesting!" I'm not a religious person, so having an adventure through the "afterlife" really intrigued me. Kate & Daniel seemed "real" to me, like people I would know or hang out with. Their take on the afterlife was along my lines of thinking, too.
...HEY! I just saw two things, that Heaven is listed as "Magical Realism"... I like that classification. That's what I meant by suspending disbelief! Also, this series was nominated for a Parsec Award in 2007 - much deserved!
{{{Oh, Ms. Lafferty... Mur... in case you're reading this... when might we see Season 5/War?}}}

Most recently, I finished Playing for Keeps. Keepsie & her pals are AWESOME! I love it when the "not so popular/special/cool" people save the day... probably because I'm one of those people, too. The characters were SO creative. The various "special powers" they had were nothing I've every come across before. If anyone is a fan of the TV show Heroes, they will LOVE this story.

EDIT: Check it out, Playing for Keeps won the 2008 Parsec Award for Best Speculative Fiction Story. Here's the link to the nominees & winners. CONGRATS, Mur!!

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