Monday, October 6, 2008

New Blog

I drive a lot for work... a LOT!

With all this "windshield time" I like to do more than just listen to the radio. In fact, many times the radio is frustrating because of the distance I travel; I lose the station's signal and have to search for another.

So, at first, I was listening to books on CD. That was okay, but it meant spending LOTS of money on new CDs or many trips to the library (sometimes not finding a selection I wanted and having to wait for my order to come in).

Last year, for Christmas, my wonderful hubby bought me an iPod... 60 GB of storage! Whew! This is when I discovered Podcasts. WHAT A WONDERFUL INVENTION! Now I can listen to books, medical information seminars, humorous stories, you name it. Better yet, they're FREE!!!

Today, I decided to keep a bit of a journal of the Podcasts I listen to... I'm not exactly sure why - whether it's for my own edification or for others. Dunno. And who knows, maybe this will be something that grows into something bigger or fizzles and fails. We'll see.

For now, this is the intro to my new blog. I hope to post my first "real" entry in the next couple days. Unfortunately now, the dogs need me and I have to get to the grocery store. Bye!

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