Saturday, October 11, 2008


I've decided! (I know... finally!)

Here's the story behind my 1st Podcast Download:
It's January 2008. I have to go back to work after a nice holiday break. I've loaded the iPod up with a TON of music, but I still have quite a bit of space remaining. The hubby suggests I try to find a podcast or two. At this point, I'm totally overwhelmed with the idea of narrowing down the MILLIONS of podcasts out there to one or two that I might enjoy and might want to subscribe to. He suggests I do a search for something I enjoy... Geocaching. What's geocaching, you ask? Follow this link to learn more (or post a comment and I'll get back to you).

So I searched in iTunes for "Geocaching" and up pops Icenrye's Geocaching Videozine! Now, you have to remember... I'm totally new at this whole podcast thing... and even though I see "Videozine", I assume I can get the full effect just by listening.
- After all, I can't drive and watch a video at the same time, right?!

Well, I was wrong (about getting the full effect just by listening). I tried to listen while on the road and failed miserably. I then took some time during a break to watch the show and it was WELL worth it. Icenrye does a great job - with his adorable co-host, Roxi, and cameraman, Able - talking about the sport/hobby/obsession of Geocaching, technology and much, much more.

Icenrye just got back from "summer vacation" where he spent the majority of his time working Agility with the pups - I sure have missed the videozine and am glad they're back - with NEW things! I look forward to the Daily Find, this should be a great addition to the show.

Thanks, Icenrye!! Keep up the good work.
- TotalNRG

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