Saturday, October 2, 2010

A little over a month

It's been 5-weeks that I've been steadily working my way through the Couch to 5K Running Plan. 

This last week was a bit messed up due to my work schedule (two very early mornings), the weather (rain, rain, rain), and slight pain from other workouts (plies - ouch).  But, I'm proud to say that I ran for 11-minutes straight today, the longest consecutive time I've run since the triathlon (probably about a mile and a half).

So, what has the last month been like?  Well...
*  First, the change from barely being able to run for 60-seconds to running for over 10-minutes is a pretty good feeling.
*  I have seen some good changes in my physique - especially in my stomach & legs - they're shrinking!
*  I haven't changed my diet much (still working on increasing the healthy stuff and reducing the high-sugar stuff).  Even so, I've lost a pound since September 1st.  heheh... one pound.  It's not much, but it's a move in the right direction.
*  I'm motivated to continue.  Yes, there are times when I hurt before, during and after a run, but I'm want to succeed so badly (completing a 5K and then doing well in the 2011 Triathlon), that I will not give up.
*  I'm working on making sure I take "time off"... I run 3-days a week, most weeks.  Then I try to squeeze in another workout sometime during the week (a long walk, bike ride, cardio dvd, etc).  Since I'm not very skilled at running and I don't want to hurt myself, I'm trying to manage activities so that I get the most return from my "investment" without any setbacks.  I'm doing okay, but as I mentioned above, I changed my schedule a bit this week because of pain.
*  I focus on form.  Not only do I want to run, but I want to run properly.  I focus on form throughout my run to be sure I'm not doing anything that might hurt rather than help.
*  Like everyone, I have good days and bad days.  Days when I feel strong and days I wonder what the hell I'm doing.  But all-in-all, I'm happy I'm trying again.  I don't love running, but I feel good when I do it and hope to be able to happily run a 5K in the next few months.

If you're trying to improve your health & fitness... if there's one piece of advice I can give, it's to keep going.  It doesn't matter if you're the fastest or thinnest or most athletic.  The only thing that means anything is that you're doing your best and having fun along the way.

More updates next month!

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as you surely know, since you mentioned the weight loss, that you may shed water and fat, but muscles are heavier, so, you may have lost more than you think but the muscle mass has grown, therefore, it's not when you weight yourself that you'll see the results, but just by the way you feel, and in your clothes, for sure...
keep going!!