Sunday, September 26, 2010

Woodstock: The big Finale

If there's one thing I love about travel, it's being able to see things I can ONLY see at the location to which I'm traveling.  That's what made our final day in Woodstock SO INCREDIBLE.

Our first stop was a bit of a teaser.  We drove up to Kaaterskill Falls trail but didn't have time to see the big falls (Katterskill) this day (had to get home).  However, we DID have time to see Bastion Falls since it's so close to Route 23a.  Tho smaller than it's sister Falls, Bastion is still quite beautiful.  Next time, we'll make the 1/2 mile hike up to the top falls.
... so happy to share my weekend with Elizabeth!

Then off to the BIG FINALE!  

Imagine you are a brilliant sculpture who just bought a now-defunct bluestone quary.  Then you start building ramps and walkways out of this stone to exhibit your sculptures.  Then, imagine the work grows to such a size and complexity that it becomes a work of art in and of itself.  This is what you get... Opus 40.  You will want to click on the photos to see the full-size images.
One man, Harvey Fite, created this beauty from 1938 - 1976
The Monolith is 9-tons, lifted entirely by traditional 1930s quarrying tools.
The bluestone covers over 6-acres
Not one drop of cement or material to hold the stones in place... just balance and gravity.
If you are ever in the Woodstock, NY area you MUST visit Opus 40.  
It is simply breathtaking - beautiful and peaceful - and the PERFECT way to spend an afternoon.

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