Thursday, October 28, 2010

Treadmill Running

I am now the proud owner of a fantastic "gently used" treadmill! 
HOORAY!  (Thanks, Mom & Dad G)

The mornings are quite dark now and the temps are falling (and so is the rain).  I don't mind the cool temperatures (it's quite nice, actually), but the darkness is too much.  I worry about cars not seeing me, even tho I wear the most obnoxious day-glow yellow jacket available and there might be "crazies" out in the dark who want to steal me.

So, about a month ago I decided I would start my search for a treadmill.  It didn't take very long once I posted a note about my search on Facebook.  I got a number of recommendations and then an offer I couldn't refuse.  My in-laws hadn't used their treadmill in a long time and were happy to get it out of their house.  So, with that (and an offer of a pick-up truck and manual labor from a friend - also on FB) I got myself a treadmill.

It was delivered last Saturday.  :)

Monday I re-started Week 6 of the Couch to 5K Running Plan, now running INSIDE!

I learned from a friend that running on a treadmill is different from running outside.  (I kind-of figured that was the case since one doesn't need to propel oneself forward on a treadmill, just lift your feet.  "Just" - hahah)  He suggested I bump the incline up to 5% to get the same workout inside as outside. 

So, I did.  I also estimated my average speed at 5.0mph.


This machine kicked my @$$.

Less than 1/2 way through my run I was sweating like crazy and totally out of breath.  I brought the incline down to 3% and reduced my speed to 4.0mph.  I finished the run strong and happy that I completed Week 6, Day 1.

On to Day 2.  Wednesday.  I started this day at 3% and 4.0mph.  I learned during the session that I could increase my speed by increments of 0.1 (instead of 1.0mph - read the owners manual.  I don't need no stinkin owners manual) and thus bumped my run speed up to 4.2.  This made for two challenging, but "comfortable" 10-minute run intervals.

Tomorrow, is Day 3.  25-minutes of running.  No walking.  I'm a little anxious about it, but am going to do my best to complete the run without any walk time.  I'll let you know how it goes.

So, what have I learned so far about treadmill running?
* It's a completely consistent.  When I run outside, I can slow my pace if I'm tired.  When the treadmill says 4.2, I run 4.2.  No slacking off.
* I need to find something to watch while I run.  Minutes feel very long when I'm just staring at the walls.
* I can focus on form instead of watching for rocks, sticks, woolly bear caterpillars or other obstacles.
* I can run all winter... now neither rain nor sleet nor cover of darkness can stop me.


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