Tuesday, October 12, 2010

12-of-12: October 2010

Today I had a plan.
Tho it was a work day, I made time to have fun and get some interesting shots on this 12th day of October.  I had to, today is my 2-year anniversary of participating in the 12-of-12 Project!
So what did I do after I got out of work at 1pm?  

I went to the Buffalo Zoo, of course!!  

I couldn't believe it... I'd snapped over 300 photos during the day... it was SO difficult to pick only 12.  If you'd like to see the large set of my favorites, you can visit this link.

As always, if you want to see the full scale version of the photo, just click on it!


Can't forget the View from the Porch...  Nothing really exciting this month - 
The REAL excitement comes when you take a look at "our hill"... check out this incredible fall foliage!

Many thanks to Chad Darnell for starting the 12-of-12 Project.  If you want more information or want to participate, visit his website.  Extra special thanks to Chad for announcing that the 12-of-12 will continue till at least December 2011.


Buffalo Girl said...

Great job Jill! Love the lemurs and polar bear.


TJ said...

Great pictures from the zoo. i love the polar bear and the tigers. Thanks for sharing your day.


love them all, but the ram is closer to my heart, being an aries...

Anonymous said...

Those are such gorgeous pictures, Jill. WOw you've been doing 12 o12 for 2 years! That's fantastic. We must all keep it going when Chad gives up. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Anonymous said...

Love the (is that a sea otter?) and the polar bear and all that fall foilage! As for the light painting pic on my 12 of 12, I used a very slow shutter speed on my camera. Still learning to make better ones :) Oh and thanks for the sweet nephew compliment!

Regina said...

Great animals, I do love your zebra-end-picture most of all, so cute - thank you for sharing.

Dogeared said...

Love the polar bear and zebra photos, especially The End one, hee! What a lovely way to celebrate your 2 year 12iversary! And congratulations!

Sorry for the late comment – I also posted my 12 of 12 late, doh!

Helen (Dogeared)