Monday, September 20, 2010

Woodstock: Three days of...

... Peace.
... Adventure.
... Relaxation.
... Fun!

It had to be almost a year ago when, my friend, Elizabeth, had a great idea... while our husbands are away, why don't we play?  So we made plans for September 17-19 to drop them off at the Ashokan Center for their thing, then off we went to stay in the quaint Woodstock Inn for a "girls weekend".  Today, I am home, relaxing and thinking about what a wonderful time we had.  I can't wait to do it again.  In the meantime, I'll share with you some of my favorite photos from the trip.

First... we drop off the boys... but not before a tour of the Ashokan Center.  The Center is dedicated to teaching people about history, nature, and arts.  There are a number of historical buildings on campus, including "The Homestead" where people used to come to live as 1820 homesteaders.

Our first stop, the remnants of the Pulp Mill, from the late 1800's.

Then a short hike to the Homestead.

And finally, a visit to the historical farming area...

The dinner bell rang for the boys, so off we went to our weekend "home away from home", the Woodstock Inn on the Millstream(to see photos of the Inn, click on the link & visit their website)
What ambiance!  From our adorable little room to the beautifully maintained grounds, we were bathed in relaxation and serenity.   Plus, we had Bonnie... the most wonderful Innkeeper around.   

Aside from dinner, this was the end of our first day in Woodstock.  I slept like a rock that night, in my tiny little bed, with excitement and anticipation of the adventures we would have on Saturday.  I'll post photos soon... c'mon back and see.

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Adrienne said...

ahhh ... I'm relaxing just reading about your trip ;-) Great pics! Can't wait to see more ~ I really love the b/w ones!