Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Birthday!

My girl is 6!
We're not exactly sure when she turned 6.... 
but it was around this time, 6 years ago, when she was born.
Since we didn't know her REAL birthday, we gave her one... an obscure, elusive birthday - 
February 29 (curious how 2004 was a Leap Year).

So we celebrated yesterday by making her a cake.

She LOVED it! (pushing brother out of the way)

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

P.S.  By the way... all this snow?!  We got about a foot in the previous 24-hours.  NOT during the "big storm" the weather people promised, the following day (Saturday).  Lots 'O Lake-Effect.  Whew!
Sure made for a fun snow-sculpture day, tho.


elizabeth said...

Happy birthday Mackie Girl!!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Love those dogs! And happy birthday. My son was almost a leap year baby, but the doctor induced labor.