Monday, March 8, 2010

Water, baby

Four months and counting (down) till the Triathlon.
Four months (minus 5 days).
And it's been over 20 years since I did laps in a pool.
Till today.

I joined the "Evening Swim" group at my local High School.  Me, and about 8 other folks braved the 30-degree temps outside to get into the pool (indoors) and splash around for an hour.  The program's been going for about a month, but I just learned about it last week while searching for an inexpensive place to get some laps in before July.  This place is perfect.  No frills and LOW cost.

I went into tonight's workout without a plan, per se.  I just wanted to get in the water and see if I could keep myself afloat. 
Can I still swim?  Yes!
Am I good at it?  Kinda! (pleasantly surprised)

I have a book on order with some drills in it that I'll use once it arrives.  I'm looking forward to that, to add a little more structure to the water workouts.  But so far, I'm happy with where I stand.  It's a good baseline to work off of.

Oh... and I just realized I left my wet suit in my gym bag.  Gotta go!

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~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

That's awesome that you're brave enough to hit the pool after so many years -- and in the cold weather. I used to take my kids to open swim at a local college, but other kids were way too wild, so unfortunately, we gave it up.

I can't wait for warm temps to get back to our lake for a dip.