Saturday, February 20, 2010



July 3rd feels far away today, but I know it will be here sooner than I think.  (July 3rd is Triathlon day!)

Today I checked my "baseline" for a 5k (3.1 miles).
I'm not a runner.
I've never been a runner.
In fact, I hate running.  (or at least, I thought I did - I had fun today).

The plan was to see how long it took me to complete a 5k... without killing myself.  I didn't care if I ran, jogged, walked, or crawled.  I just wanted to finish.

I started out walking for 5 minutes... to warm up.
After the warm-up, the plan was to jog for 1-minute, walk for 2-minutes.  I did this for about the first mile.  Then it became jog-1, walk-5.  Then it became "watch the heart-rate and walk till it got back into my cardio-zone".
Oh, I also was in my very hilly neighborhood. (I brought the GPS with me, so was able to determine that my ups and downs during the run had about 100' of elevation changes throughout - lowest elevation to highest).
I ran/walked "out" for 1.56 miles, then turned around an retraced my steps.  This worked out well since I didn't really have a set course already laid out.
I kept my heart-rate between 140-190 throughout and slowed down immediately if it got to 180.  The monitor showed 223 at one point, but I think that was a hic-up in the sensor.  For the most part it was between 150-170.
I walked the last 5 minutes to cool down, then continued to cool down & stretch once I got in the house.

Want some stats?  Here's what the workout shook-out like:
Total mileage:  3.17 miles
Total time:  46:02:09
Total calories burned:  286

Mile 1:  14:26 minutes
Mile 2:  just about 15 mintes
Mile 3:  a little over 15 minutes

So, that was run #1.  Four months to go & warmer days ahead (so no dodging snow piles soon)!
Now... what's for dinner?!?


Adrienne said...

Yae!!!! Good for you! You inspire me!

Debi said...

Good for you! I truly do hate to run because I get shin splints and they hurt! So I walk and jump on the trampoline instead. You go girl!