Sunday, November 16, 2008


... at Avedon Hill

What do you get when you mix together a "quite little mountain-pass town", an eclectic group of country folks, some magic, some monsters, and a murder? Simply stated, it's PG Holyfield's Murder at Avedon Hill.

As mentioned earlier, MaAH was my first taste of a podcast novel. When first searching iTunes, I wasn't sure what to expect from these stories. To be honest (even tho I'm embarrassed to say), I was leery of the quality of these novels. I mistakenly thought that since they weren't published (in the traditional sense... i.e they were FREE), that they'd be "hack" works. WOW, was I wrong!

I also need to share with you that I had just finished reading a bunch of Anne Rice before performing my search for a new book, so I typed in "vampires" to see what iTunes had. I assumed that MaAH was a medieval vampire story - WRONG AGAIN!

So about the story... In so many books, the reader cheers for the good guys and wishes ill to the bad guys. In MaAH, I don't know which is which. PG Holyfield does an excellent job at hiding the identity of the "bad" guys and make you question the "good" guys (well, except Aremes and Aarin - I'm pretty sure they're purely good guys) while keeping the intrigue level high!

I am DYING to know who killed Gretta Platt... I want to know how all these characters fit together... are some of my assumptions right? Will I be utterly surprised at the end of the novel (which is coming soon, I think)?

I hate waiting, but I will. I am truly looking forward to the remainder of the novel. I suspect PG Holyfield has a couple more tricks up his sleeve to reveal before it's all over.

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