Friday, May 13, 2011

12-of-12: May 2011

Hello again!
I know, it's been quite some time.
Too long.
A lot has happened in the last few months.
Maybe someday I'll write about it.  Maybe not.

In the meantime, yesterday was the 12th!
Since I had my camera and a fun day planned, I thought it appropriate to return to blogging with the 12-of-12!
If you aren't sure what the 12-of-12 is, visit Chad Darnell's site where he'll tell you all about it and you can see other cool amateur (and not so amateur) photographers shots from the 12th.

So, what was my 12th like?
10am at Home
 It started out with some yard work.
While I was out in the yard, I notice some really cute flowers all around.


Blooms on the Forcythia

Periwinkle Myrtle

11am at Sprague Brook Park
Then, Mom and Dad arrived and we headed out to the park for a nice hike...
Mom, Me, and Mackie
 I call this the "Pi" tree.  
We didn't worry about it falling on us, it's been this way for YEARS.

Along the way, we found some gorgeous Trillium.

Mackie took a break while we took photos.
You might have noticed that one member of our "pack" is missing - sadly, we lost our baby boy, TaterBug, to bone cancer on March 11th.  We miss him terribly, but are helping each other heal everyday.

As we were leaving, Dad said "Look at the goats!" 
Those aren't goats! tee hee

A little later in the day, and further down the road, this guy decided he needed to cross.  
(No, I didn't help him, he was big and scary.)

5pm at home
Caught up on Facebook, and a little Scrabble.

7:30pm - Play Ball!
My sister's team needed a substitute player... since I was available, that player was ME!
My nephew stole my glove at one point... so I tried to snap a picture...
but he wouldn't hold still (I like this shot, tho).

I didn't get home till 9:30pm, and since my day was quite full, I was too exhausted to post last night.
But what a great day!  Friends, family, and lots of outside time.
The weather was PERFECT, by the way.  75-degrees and sunny.
We had a couple sprinkles of rain during the game, but nothing that couldn't be overlooked.

Thanks for visiting!  Hopefully I'll be back again next month, if not before.


Sunny Archibald said...

Welcome back. I'm so sorry t0 hear about your dog. It looks as if you had a beautiful spring day. Don't you just love them? It's so nice that you live close enough to your parents and family to spend time with them. I hope to see you next month.



sorry about TaterBug!! always difficult times those are...

fun day indeed it was for you [and for us]. and your dad needs eyeglasses...

thanx 4 sharing!!

Mary Ellis said...

Glad you were back this month - loved the flower shots and the pi tree. Hope the road smooths out ahead of you and you'll be back at the keyboard (and behind a lens) soon!