Sunday, May 29, 2011


Tomorrow is Memorial Day... May 30th.
99 days from Memorial Day is Labor Day... September 5th.

Between those two days I've been challenged to run 100 miles.

Thank you, Elizabeth. (said sarcastically?? No.)

I'm currently working on preparing for the Triathlon on July 2nd.  The run is my weakest event of the three.  I can ride my bike for miles and miles and not feel like I'm gonna die.  I am comfortable swimming 1/2 a mile at a time.  No biggie.  Running, on the other hand.  UGH.

What better way to improve than run, run, run?

So, tomorrow morning, before the hubby and puppy wake up, I'm putting in 4-miles and start the week off on the "right foot."

Want to join the challenge??? Visit Elizabeth's site and sign up.  C'mon, it's good for you!


* elizabeth * said...

WooHoo! I can't wait to run with you this weekend! And cycling totally counts! Get your butt to 100, that's what it should be called, LOL!


join you for running?
it would be ill advised for me to do so, given the state of my spine. but i will gladly cheer you on virtually for every step you'll take!!! i'm pretty sure i can even break a sweat just cheering you on!!!

GO!! GO!! GO!!


oh boy!!!

Adrienne said...

hooray for you! good luck putting your best foot forward :-)