Saturday, March 5, 2011

TRI-ing again!

It's official.  I signed up for my 2nd Triathlon.  July 2nd is the big day.

It was about this time last year that I signed up and started training for last year's event.  As you know from previous posts, my effort was good, but not good enough to hit my timing or fitness goals.
A Tri-in-the-Buff, July 2010 - NEWBIES!

2011 promises to be different:
I'm able to run a 5K almost non-stop (unlike last year when I was learning how to run and could barely run for 60-seconds straight)
I'm back to swimming every week (and the "new pool" shouldn't close early this year).
The bike is in the basement on my indoor trainer (so I won't have to worry about weather or darkness).
I'm ready.

Oh yeah.. and I'm motivated!
I want to do well this year.  No breakdowns.  No injuries.  Just a solid time to complete my swim-bike-run.

If that's gonna happen, I better be off to get to my Saturday morning workout.


Adrienne said...

Yeah for you!


nice to see you've still got your resolve to achieve this. the best of luck to you. focus is key here, and i think you got it right this year.

* elizabeth * said...

Yaaay! you're going to be awesome!