Saturday, September 5, 2009

New friends, such fun!

What an amazing start to the long weekend! I'm exhausted already. There's so much I want to remember. Do I put it here, or just relish the memories?

My only difficulty... I'm just starting to come back alive after crashing once they left this morning. I think I need a little more time. My brian is mush. The excitement of having guests and the "stress" of being a good hostess really took its toll on me. Maybe I'll blog in a day or so.

All I'll say now is that I had a FABULOUS time. Paul & Elizabeth are AMAZING people and I'm SO glad I got to know them. I can't wait to have them out here again (and go visit them, too).

1 comment:

elizabeth said...

Come soon so we can go on the boat! And maybe the Renn Faire. Harvest Fairs.

And I found this article vis craftzine and thought of you!


(and rest!!)