Saturday, January 31, 2009

Exercise Update

I have a success and a "failure" to report....

Failure first (so I can end on a high note):
- On December 2nd I noted that the dogs and I would walk every day. This hasn't happened. In fact, this has rarely happened. I heard on the radio that this January is the coldest on on record since 1977. I has been in the teens most of the month (getting down into single digits - and staying there - for a number of days). There has also been wind and tons of snow. I think I have about 3' sitting on the ground in my front yard (and this is AFTER it's been packed down).
- I have tried to keep the kids busy... we play hide and seek inside and I learned a new game to play with them where you hide a treat under a towel and have them find it. It gives them a little mental stimulation when we can't get outside. Still, the poor things are getting bored. Fortunately, the weather people say it's supposed to warm up tomorrow - into the 30's - so we'll hopefully have a chance to go outside then (for longer than 15 minutes).

OK - on to my success!
- Around Thanksgiving I started the 100 push-ups challenge. It's been about 2 months and I've continued the program faithfully. Even when I was away at training and a sales meeting, I kept up the workouts. When I started I could do about 15 alternative push-ups in a row (that was my max) and yesterday I did 66. PLUS, many days recently the sets have totaled over 175 push-ups! I am very proud of where I am, in fact, I'm going to try to reach 100 on Sunday. I may not make it this first time around, but that's okay with me... I'm going to keep working till I can do it.
- BTW, I'm on my own with this... Matt dropped out when I was at training in December.
- One more thing... I plan to start this program over again doing "regular" push-ups once I reach 100 alternative. This will be the REAL challenge!

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lowly said...

You'll have giant arms in no time, surely.