Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

There's a new thing going on in my Facebook world... friends of mine are publishing notes listing 25 Things about themselves that people may or may not know about them. I have been "encouraged" (somewhat forcefully) to participate.

Hey, why not.

I haven't given much thought to more than 3-4 things I tend to share with people... not sure I have 25 in me, but we'll see. Guess that's why they're random - they will spring from my mind willie-nillie as I type along.

So here it goes...
  1. I love my life. Though there are always challenges that come along, I am happy to be alive and in love.
  2. My family is my world. My husband completes me - he is the Yin to my Yang.
  3. I will never be without animals in my life... today it's two wonderful pups - but down the road, who knows what 4-legged furkid the future brings.
  4. I wish I could do more Geocaching than my schedule currently allows. It's like the perfect activity - outdoors (in the woods) with friends & family, hiking. What more can you ask for?!
  5. I love the smell of The Forestry!
  6. I started the 100 Push Ups training program a few months ago (11.24.08)... I'm in Week 6 (again) and hope to complete it soon. Earlier this week I did 185 "alternative" push-ups. Once I complete the alternatives, I plan to start the program over again doing regular push-ups.
  7. Every couple of months I send care packages to US Soldiers overseas (Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, etc) - 99% of which I've never met, nor likely ever will.
  8. People say I live "in the middle of no-where"... next time I move, it's further out.
  9. I like hanging out with my animals more than some (most) people.
  10. Some day I want to own/raise/show/sell Alpaca!
  11. I have visited 4 out of 7 continents (N. America, S. America, Europe, & Asia)... I'd also like to see Australia & Africa someday.
  12. I don't have a favorite band (tho I LOVE music)... but my favorite line from a song is "drive by body pierce" from Beck's song "Loser". It's such a great visual!
  13. Long pause before #12... what else to write... OH, here's something. I am an excellent photographer. I'm not bragging, I've been told a number of times that I should print/sell my photos. I just got a new printer, so maybe I will.
  14. I sometimes sleep on the floor with my dogs. TaterBug makes the BEST body pillow. Mackie sleeps ON me - UGH!
  15. My life would have been much different (I suspect) if I pursued an degree from the NY Culinary Institute. Cooking is still a passion for me... my hubby is so lucky!
  16. I love learning new things. If you have a skill or talent in something.. please show me how!
  17. Chocolate & caramel are my weaknesses - especially if they're together with something crunchy. Bad bad bad.
  18. I believe in fate... I try hard to do the right thing in my day-to-day activities, but at the same time, there's much I don't control and it's funny how life plays out sometimes. "Everything happens for a reason." Right?
  19. In 2007 I started blogging - a few months after joining Bookclub. Two things I would have never expected of myself.
  20. My favorite time is 11:11.
  21. This year - 2009 - my hubby and I celebrate our 20th year together.
  22. I still wear my retainer at night. My orthodontist would be so proud of me!
  23. Four more to go... hmmm, what else? OH, I am fascinated with Wind Power... I drive past the "Wind Farms" often and can't help but stare in awe of these awesome machines. I want one!
  24. The book "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy had a profound impact on me. It was depressing & disturbing, but it proved to me that I am "carrying the fire".
  25. Last one.. better make it a good one... I hope to leave this world better than I found it. I live my life helping those who can't help themselves, caring for those who care about me, and trying my best to have fun along the way.
That's it! Maybe I'll make one of these lists next year to see if anything has changed. Maybe not. Who knows.


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