Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dirtiest 5K to date

I'm kind of surprised that I'm still awake...
Yes, it's only 8:00pm, but it's been a busy day.
A DIRTY day, too.
Today was the Dirty Girl Mud Run!
3.1 miles of mud, sweat, and obstacles... made for an AWESOME good-time!

So here we are... all pretty and clean... ready to run... 
Me and my sister
Team Brave Tarts
3000 women... need many port-o-potties
We're all checked-in... it's time to RUN!
... and then the obstacles begin...
(apologies for any of the low-res photos... 
I was using a throw-away camera during the run - to catch ALL the Dirty Girl action!)
The Barn Burner
Water Pit
The Wall (highest section is 8' tall)
Blurry action-shot, on the trail
Tire Pump
... then a little more running...
The weather was nicer than it looks here
... then back to obstacles!
Utopian Tubes
What?!  More running??
Cargo-net climb
Me, snapping a photo of Jamie (pink shirts)
My photo of Jamie!

Finally... we arrive at the finish line...

 What an amazing day... this run was all about fun... and it exceeded all my expectations.
I can't wait till next year!

Extra special thanks to my Dad, for being our team-photographer at the start/finish lines.  He took a bunch of great shots with my Digital SLR. 



looked like fun!!
good for you!!
am i to guess that dad ran with you to take those many photos???

Jill said...

@Ticklebear - No, Dad was at the start and the finish, (and he got the cargo net). I ran along with my old cheap digital to get the shots thru-out the course.


you ran and you took pics?
hats off to you!!

Mary Ellis said...

That looks like FUN!!

* elizabeth * said...

awesome!! I'm jealous, it looks like a blast!!