Monday, September 12, 2011

12-of-12: September 2011

I wasn't sure I'd complete my 12-of-12 today.

I spent much of the morning doing a brick (bike/run) workout, so I was tired.
Plus, I was all "snapped" out from taking pictures at the Dirty Girl Mud Run on Saturday (click here to see those).
Plus, it's Monday, and I didn't really have anywhere "special" to go... until I decided to take my puppy-girl for a walk in the park.

Sprague Brook Park in Glenwood, NY is a gem.
It's huge.  It's beautiful. And, most days, it's so peaceful.

Today was no exception.

Being a Monday, we had the trails almost entirely to ourselves.  We walked along at a leisurely pace and tried to capture some of the unique aspects of "our woods".  Here's what we found...

Eastern Newt
Coral Fungus

"Thumb Tack" Mushrooms

Cute & Fuzzy Fungi
First Fallen Leaves
Trooping Funnel
Mossy North Side
I hope you enjoyed your walk in the woods with us.  Come back next month when the leaves promise to be in their full Fall splendor!

Thanks, Chad Darnell, for starting the 12-of-12 Project!


* elizabeth * said...

How is life treating you out in wonderland anyway? LOL You are so blessed. I wish we could come visit soon!
and again: ....sigh....
xo love you. miss you.
and Matt too. ; )

Lucrecia Bloggia said...

Oh, wow!!
I LOVE your pictures!
I love fungus, mushrooms and undergrowth landscapes!

I eat those little white mushrooms, your little fuzzy fungi. I slice them very thin, and pan them in butter. They have to be really white inside. Like marshmallows.

And the little salamander is so cute! But I don't eat those! ;¬D


it's like 6 am and i'm already surrounded by the noise that comes with living downtown, so, this walk in the woods is a relief!!

my favorite is the ree with the moss over its roots. one is humbled by such strength and longevity.

a lovely set!!
thanx 4 sharing!!

Blobby said...

Wow. Those are just GERAT pics. Each one better than the last. Nicely done. said...

I love your woodland photos and all the colors. It looks like a beautiful place to go for a walk.

frl. wunderschoenbunt said...

wonderful, looks like alice in wonderland, but i miss the smoking caterpillar :). thanks for these great pictures!

Sunny Archibald said...

Gorgeous. What a beautiful park. Your whole set evokes peace and quiet, cool and damp. Wonderful.

Mary Ellis said...

Oh, my! What an exercise in serenity! An extraordinary set - I loved all of it, but especially the newt and the gnarled, moss-covered tree roots. I may visit again when things get hectic....

Meagan said...

Gorgeous photos, I always look forward to your 12 of 12!!! :)

Adrienne said...

Amazing pictures! Looks like a peaceful walk in the woods.

Maplelime said...

I *love* that first photo of the little salamander! So cute!