Friday, August 12, 2011

12-of-12: August 2011

What a day!
We had a plan (picked out a couple good geocaches to go after) 
and then our plans got all turned around.
But that didn't seem to matter, we had a great time and took some amazing shots!

We also broke the rules for the 12-of-12 this month...
Two of us were snapping photos (the hubby and I).
We took a TON of shots (171 for the day)...
  and we couldn't edit them down any further.
So we figured, since we're making up our own rules today....
  and since there were two of us, you get 24 photos!  :)

If you want to get more info on the 12-of-12, 
visit Chad Darnell's site, he's the one who started this fun little project.

So where did we go and what did we do?
We spent this afternoon "lake hopping" around New York's Southern Tier.  
We traveled through Cattaraugus & Allegany Counties, at first looking for geocaches... 
then just looking for cool places to visit.

BTW... for each photo below, you can see a full-size version by clicking on it.

To hunt our first cache, we stopped at the Harwood Lake MUA (Multiple Use Area).  Harwood Lake is a 34-acre man-made lake used for flood control in Cattaragaus County.  The website says there are mowed paths... but except for this first entry into the park... there wasn't much mowed.
Once beyond the tunnel of brush, we found this guy...
Eastern Kingbird
The nicely mowed trail soon ran out...
I'm 5'4... these Joe-Pye Weeds were HUGE!
And we could no longer see a path to the cache we sought.  
So, we bushwhacked through the tall weeds till we came to an opening...
and found Harwood's Meadow
A gentle Monarch Butterfly
and Bumble Bee
on thistle
What's this?! A dog on a bale?

loving the tickle of the grass

... finally arriving at Harwood Lake!

The skies weren't really than ominous - just the clouds playing tricks.
  We had blazing sun not moments before the 1st photo was taken.

From here, we visited Lime Lake in Machias, NY.  The lake is almost entirely inaccessible to non-homeowners, so we were only able to catch a glimpse of the area.
Be sure to view the full-versions of these next three shots... SO MUCH DETAIL you don't want to miss!
Dragon Fly
Lily with Honey Bee
Two bees or not two bees
 We skipped the geocache in Lime-Lake, thus ending our caching plans.  
So we pulled out our trusty map and said "Where should we go next?"
then... "Hey! What's this place???"
... and off we went.

On our way, we met these beauties...

... then we arrive!
Look closely at the letters of this sign...
What's a Hanging Bog, you ask?
 After parking the car, we walk over to the bog.
About a million frogs go flying into the water as we approach (I'm not kidding).
The Hanging Bog
Bog Frog - got one!
Lily Pads
We wandered around the bog for a bit, then decided it was time to head for home.

This last shot is of Rushford Lake in Rushford, NY.  
It's another lake that is hard to get to unless you own lakefront property in the area.  
But if you take Slusher Hill Road out of Hanging Bog WMA, you'll get this awesome view.
Rushford Lake
That was our final stop of the day - our lake-hopping adventure coming to an end.  
Thanks for sharing our 12th with us.  Come back next month and see what we're up to then!


Anonymous said...

Great photos! I've been meaning to go geocaching for ages but still haven't done it.


kerri said...

Love the doggy pictures! And the Monarch. So pretty!

Gorgeous 12 pictures -- it looks like a fun day!

Meagan said...

Fantastic photos!!!!!!! Wow, I really adored the dogs, horses and nature shots you guys took. These were unreal!!! Thanks so much for sharing them. :)

Sunny Archibald said...

I love the fact that you posted 24 shots.....there was so much to see on your adventure. Love the bumble bee on the thistle....all your shots are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Mary Ellis said...

My goodness! I'm so glad you posted for both of you - gave a great sense of the trip and made me feel as though I'd been along, too! It's too hard to choose a favorite. Your shots were all so beautiful. Guess I'm a little partial though, as I think back, to the lily pads and the frog, as those are not so much available for me to aim my camera toward. Thanks for posting!


doubling our pleasure with this great set of pics!! that's my girl!!

that kingbird and the hardwood lake and the lily pads make for amazing shot. looks like you had a lot of fun!! especially in those weeds...

thanx 4 sharing!!

* elizabeth * said...

What a day!! You guys are so blessed to live in such a gorgeous place! sigh.... must come out soon......

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, you really did have THE most beautiful day-and I can see why you took 171 photos-the 24 you shared were just beautiful. I am so glad you snapped so much nature-I can feel the peace looking at them.
Dog on a bale was funny and the horses were beautiful, and the Monarch.
Excellent selection Thanks for sharing. Sus x

Pete said...

Wow Jill those photos are lovely especially the horses. Nothing wrong with breaking the 12 rules either :)