Saturday, June 4, 2011

Weekly wrap-up

Here's my mileage for the week... 
(kicking off the 99/100)

Monday, 5/30
   Run/walk - 4.0 miles
   Creek-walk - 2.0 miles (Saw the most spectacular waterfall at the 1.0-mile point.  Amazing!)

Tuesday, 5/31
   Cycling - 15.4 miles

Wednesday, 6/1
   Hike - 1.5 miles

Thursday, 6/2
   Hike - 1.44 miles

Friday, 6/3
   Hike - 3.52 miles

Saturday, 6/4
   Run -  4.07 miles (VERY proud of my two 1.5-mile run intervals during this workout)
   Walk - 0.77 miles (cut short due to rain, thunder & lightning)

For a grand sum total of 32.7 miles.

However, keeping to the original plan of running 100 miles in 99 days, I'm also going to track just my run miles.  My 8 run miles this week puts me at 92 to go.  Yay!

BTW, four-weeks from today is the Triathlon.  Today's run has made me feel quite confident that I'll be fully prepared for the event this year.
... let the countdown begin!

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* elizabeth * said...

You are a machine!! Go Jill Go! Go Jill Go!!