Saturday, June 25, 2011

99/100 Week 4: June 19 - 25

Here's my mileage for the fourth week... 
of the 99/100 Challenge

Before I list everything, tho, I thought you might want to see the new handy-dandy spreadsheet that I created to help me track mileage.

Click here to see my Activity Tracker!
Pretty nifty, eh?  I know, really not that exciting, but it's helpful - and it does math better that I do.

I was VERY busy this week...
Tthis week was the final push before I back off a bit for next week's "taper week".  The one-week countdown to the TRI has begun.  I've even gotten my Tri-bag out of the closet and started loading it up with stuff that I'll need (so I won't forget it when I have to leave next Saturday at 5:45am).

Sunday, 6/19 - Dad's Day was a rest day for me.  I ate too much and exercised too little, but I was with family, so it's all good.  Oh wait!  I did do 15 burpees this day... so that was good.

Monday, 6/20
   BIKE - Blasted 16.1 miles of hills on the bike today... wore a new shirt and got sunburned.  Oh well.

Tuesday, 6/21
   RUN - 3.8 miles, baby!

Wednesday, 6/22
   WALK - 2.5 miles - out with a friend and her bullmastiff, Hippo.
   SWIM - 0.7 mile (1200 Yards) - New pool!  Springville is closed for the summer, so off to Holland we go!  Interesting tidbit - this is considered "open swim" instead of "lap swim", so there were a bunch of random people doing random things in the pool (swimming, floating, playing basketball), so it really made me work to keep my swimming in-line, much like open-water swimming.

Thursday, 6/23
   RUN - 5.3 miles - my longest distance ever!  (Sadly, I cannot say that I ran the whole way... but I did manage at least 4-miles, I walked up the big hills)

Friday, 6/24
     BIKE - 7.0 miles (averaging 13.2 mph!  WOO HOO!)
     RUN - 1.5 miles (at approximately 6 mph!)
This is about 1/2 the distance for each event in next week's triathlon.  I went out first thing in the morning, without "fuel" and still felt pretty good at the end of the 45-minutes it took me to finish.  I'm excited that next week (when I'm properly sugared-up), I'll be really ready to go.

Saturday, 6/25 - Rested today.  Well, if you can call hanging out with my niece and nephew "resting".  We were on the move all day!

Totaling up the week, it's my highest mileage week since I started keeping track.   
38.4 miles for the week.  Wow!  
Of those 38.4, I ran for 10.6 of them.  Wow, again!

This week really helped me get back on track for the 99/100 Challenge.  Currently, I'm sitting at 32.2 miles of running in 4-weeks.  67.8 miles to go by Labor Day (Sept 5).  Woo hoo!


Laura said...

Way to go! You're going to rock your tri next week!

* elizabeth * said...

You are doing AMAZING!!
And I love your spreadsheet. I love spreadsheets, LOL! You are going to totally rock your TRI!

-Tee- said...

that's awesome! do you do one those tri's that you swim in the pool instead of the beach?? I need to find one of those!! lol.

Good luck - you're doing amazing :)