Saturday, February 12, 2011

12-of-12: February 2011

I love when the 12th falls on a Saturday... I can take my time and enjoy snapping away throughout the day.  I had LOTS of plans for the day, some happened, some did not.  All-in-all it was a great day... and as soon as I'm done posting, I'm going to finish it off with a snuggle and a movie.  (Better hurry.)

But first, thanks, as always, to Chad Darnell for thinking of this fun project.  It's been a blast.

9AM - Time to make the muffins!
I've been looking forward to these yummy treats for a week... Raspberry-Lemon Muffins that use yogurt & cottage cheese instead of milk and only 1/4 cup of oil. Mmmmmmmm!

All ingredients - ready to go!
Goldfinches share their morning with us
LOTS of snow - the bar across the door is 3' tall
Muffins are ready!

1:30PM - Time to play outside!
My sister and her kids were supposed to come out to see us this morning... but the falling snow made the roads too nasty for her to make the trip.  The dogs still needed some running around, tho.  So we played in the BIG snow in the yard.

Awww... poor little grill, so sad that it's all covered up for the winter.
I made the kids a Puppy Habi-Trail (yes, the snow is THAT deep)
Using the trails to get to Mom...
... and puppy treats!
5PM - Time to finish chores!
I was going to try to make this a "theme" month... Fe-blue-ary - where all the pictures are of something blue... but, alas, I failed.  I got a couple blue things, like this...
Boring... I know... but I needed squirts in my car

... and this beautiful shot of the evening sky... (if you look closely, you can see the ski slope in the distance)
Much better!

7PM - Time for dinner with my Valentine!
We celebrated Valentine's Day tonight instead of waiting till Monday... more YUM!

Now it's time for me to go snuggle with my Valentine... and fuzzy Valentines, too.  Hope you're snuggling with yours.

See ya next month!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a lot of snow you are still having. It's insane, isn't it?!?
Great pics. Thanks for sharing them ;)

Sunny Archibald said...

And I thought we had a lot of snow in Oklahoma! Those muffins look really good...want to share the recipe? Thanks for sharing your day.

Pete said...

Hi there Jill, oh my word that is still a lot of snow there wow! I love Happy Grill :)

Enjoy your Valentines Day snuggling :)

TJ said...

I really enjoyed your 12 of 12 and I'm sure you are over the snow but I love snow so I love all the pictures with the snow. The puppy was too cute. Thanks for sharing your day. See you next month...

* elizabeth * said...

Holy Snow! Happy V day Love! xoxo

Adrienne said...

Look at all that snow! I would loose my mind for sure. I love snow but if it was like that all the time - wow! Love the happy grill - he he


that "happy grill" gave me such a good laugh!! i had a recipe for muffins done with yogurt, in the microwave!!!! haven't done those in like...forever!! looks like you had a great day, and may i say, THAT is a lot of snow!!! i would cry to have all of this in the city. but where you are, this looks lovely, from the inside, with a drink and a fire crackling in the fireplace... that's my notion of winter charms... i also had a great day, but the only snuggles i got was from my cats...
oh well!!
happy valentine's day to you folks!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see these-the snow just blew me away. I cannot imagine it. Your pups are adorable-I love very big dogs too-my M-in-L has a yellow lab-she loves snow!
Great muffin baking and a delicious meal at the end-nice to see somebody else's food pics-I seem to post enough of them!

See you again next month! xx

Anonymous said...

Your dinners look amazing! And I love the pups :)

Dogeared said...

Those raspberry-lemon muffins look great! I'd be up for having the recipe if you're sharing! ;-)

And wow on the snow... I like that you cleared the pups a trail, and I love the one of them coming back for puppy treats - shows how deep the snow is!!

Sorry I’m a bit late commenting – here at last (and my own 12 posted too). Just a busy time!

Helen (Dogeared)

Regina said...

The muffins look so delicious! And you do have a lot of snow ... I love your evening sky and the happy grill with the warm winter coat!