Sunday, December 12, 2010

12-of-12: December 2010

Mmmmm, it's Sunday.  A day for rest and relaxation after a very busy week.

Today's also the 12th - the day we have fun snapping pictures of the day as we participate in Chad Darnell's 12-of-12.  So, off we go to our favorite place - the Erie County Forestry - for a nice hike.  It was 40-degrees today and a little rainy, but that didn't stop us.

First, we make our way to the top of the hill...
My girl's paw prints and my size 6s
Sap lines are up and ready for the Spring thaw
 The kids are way ahead...
...but stop and wait at the bridge.

This next shot is a repeat from a previous 12-of-12; October 2009

Believe it or not, some trees still have their leaves
Stubborn Beech
... and the water is really moving today from rain and snow-melt.

So peaceful... we had the woods all to ourselves.
Here's one more October 2009 repeat...

Now we're home... snugged up inside with a nice fire and mug of tea...
... and another favorite winter activity... puzzle-making!

A View from the Porch:
The start of December brought our first significant snowfall of the year.  Since then, it's snowed on-and-off, leaving us with almost a foot of snow.  You wouldn't know it today, however.  The rain and temps in the 40s has made everything a soggy, melty mess.
You can even see "steam" rising from the snow in this shot.

So, that's the end of the 12-of-12 for 2010.  I am happy to say I was able to participate every month this year!  I'm also happy that Chad is going to continue the 12-of-12 tradition at least another year.

All the best for a happy & healthy holiday season.  
See you next year!



happy holidays to you and your loved ones. fun pics!! i stayed indoor as i had much to do, and it was a mess, between more snow and icy rain to mess it all up...
oh well!!
spring is coming, eventually!!

Lucrecia Bloggia said...

Nice nature pictures!
It seems like it was raining/snowing all over North America yesterday!

Have a merry holidays time!

lovesmukiwa said...

That looks like a gorgeous walk. I am jealous of the fire!

Sunny Archibald said...

What a wonderful walk you took. Thanks so much for sharing it. Have a wonderful Christmas. See you next year.

seifenmacherin said...

I agree, happy holidays!
I´m looking forward making a walk like you did!


KC aka Carol said...

Awww, love the pics of the dog in the snow. My mom's dogs love the snow so it reminds me of them. Happy Holidays!

Pete said...

Hi Jill, lovely photos. We've had snow overnight here as well, a proper little winter wonderland. You definitely had the right idea there, feet up and a cup of tea in front of the fire.

Have a great Christmas, see you in 2011 :)

Anonymous said...

Wow-so beautiful-but if you want to see some significant snowfall and a country in chaos, come to the UK now! Well, that's if you can get on a flight-all the airports are closed!
Happy Christmas-see you in January!

Dogeared said...

I love the fire photo - very cosy! And the walk looks lovely and quiet through the snowy woods :-) Hope you, the family and the pups had a lovely holidays!

Sorry my comment is late - I wanted to wait until my own 12 was up, before I visited everyone else's.