Sunday, August 29, 2010

Geocache Pouch

Thank you, Stormdrane!
This guy is amazing.  He can do ANYTHING with paracord.  Seriously.
Not only are his pieces highly functional, but they're beautiful, too.
Oh, and THEN, he teaches everyone (including me) how to do it.

Yesterday, I set aside some time to rebuild a geocache that needed replacing.  The container hangs in a tree, so it needed to be resistant to the elements (rain, snow, mud... birds).  I found a small plastic Lock-n-Lock (R) container, but then needed help getting it to hang.

Enter Stormdrane's Blog.
He had just the thing... and a tutorial!
I found his post describing Cow Hitched Paracord Waterbottle Sleeve and used it and a previous post to put this together:
I am SO excited to get it into its place.  I am CERTAIN I'll get comments from geocachers on it (if they find the cache).  In fact, the only thing I'm worried about is that someone will take it because the pouch is so cool.  We'll see.

Thanks, again, Stormdrane.  I really appreciate all the work you do.



after the funny comment he made yesterday on another post, i checked him out. while i'm not on the market for such things, (furniture and such are more on my mind know?!?), but i thought his stuff was really cool and could allow someone to give ordinary things a personal touch. nice to see some actually use their creative minds.

Stormdrane said...

Nice job on the pouch!