Friday, January 29, 2010

To knit or not to knit?

Okay folks... I need input.

I got this skein of yarn from my fabulous father-in-law (he's a weaver).   It's the only one he had and this is exactly the way I got it - no label or identification.

I have NO idea what it is or how much is there.  Any thoughts or idea?  (I'm almost certain it's not a wool of any kind... maybe poly-cotton mix?)

I want to make something out of it but am not sure what to do... first thought is a scarf, but that seems too obvious.   I've never tried crochet, but I have recently acquired a needle, so I could make an attempt at my first crochet project.
Any suggestions??  They're welcome and encouraged.

Thanks a million.
Hope you've got some creative plans for the weekend.


Naturalearthfarm said...

That would like nice as a hat.
Warm wishes,

elizabeth said...

Ooh that is beautiful, it needs to be special, I'm off to search my saved pages......

elizabeth said...

Okay, a quick search of lionbrand says; tea cozy, hot water bottle cover, a cowl! fingerless mitts, orrr, a pillow cover.

I think cowl or fingerless mitts.