Saturday, December 5, 2009

Super Saturday

What a great day it's been!
AND, it's not over!  In a little while, I'm gonna plunk myself down in between the pups and watch UP (the latest & greatest Disney-Pixar film that is simply spectacular!).

But first, I thought I'd share my day with you...

It started out slow - as Saturday's should - coffee, a bagel, some surfing the internet & visiting various blogs.  Then I got a little bit motivated and turned the ground venison (from my hubby's 1st deer) into some delicious goulash.  I just finished some that I had for dinner.  YUMMY!

Back to relaxing and some knot tying!  I'm making ornaments/ wreathes to give as Christmas gifts.  I made my first about a week ago and it took me almost half an hour to finish just one.  Today, I made six in about an hour!  Guess I figured out what I I needed to do... here they are - almost done, they need to be "perfected" then tied off for hanging.

These are Chinese Knots called 'Compound Double Coin Knot' - I have to thank Tying it All Together  for their video tutorial.
Next, it was time to burn some calories (good thing, because I cooked a LOT today).  The pups and I headed to the park for a walk.  It wasn't anything crazy terrain-wise, but we kept moving at a good pace and put on almost 2 miles.

Then, I had errands to run... got dog food and groceries, then off to the Library Book Sale!  After 2pm it was $5 for a bag of books - as many books as you could fit in it (and carry home).  I LOVE this book sale... here's a sampling of this visit's booty - OH, which one to read first?!?!?

Now I'm back in front of the computer... dogs are fed and sleeping on their beds, waiting patiently for me to finish so we can watch our movie.

I have three little cookies set aside for dessert.  I made these when I got home from the Book Sale.  They're from the Eat Better America site - they're called "Healthified" Brownie Cookies.  They're not health food by any stretch of the imagination, but if you need cookies, they're better than other recipes out there.  AND, I "healthified" them a little more by using 1/2 whole wheat flour and 1/2 all-purpose white. 

They taste great!

What a day! I wish every day could be this full of fun and accomplishment.  Well, maybe not, because if they were all like this I couldn't fully appreciate days like today.  Hope you had a great day, too.


elizabeth said...

That does sound like a magnificent day! I love those book sales!And I may have to try those cookies, I have a cookie swap next Sat and no real motivation for anything amazing. This might be it!

Stormdrane said...

Great job on the knotted Christmas ornament wreaths!