Monday, October 12, 2009

Family, Fun & FOOD!

I'm SO glad I took today off from work.  Our 4-day trip to Massachusetts was a whirlwind of fun.  I'm exhausted (in a good way).  I snapped over 200 pictures of our adventures then noticed this morning that I did not get one of our wonderful hosts, Elizabeth & Paul.  A million thank yous to them for opening their home to us and treating us to fantastic food and fun while we were there.

We left home Thursday morning so we could be in be in New Bedford by dinner time.  Here's a shot of our hill as we drove to Auntie Val's house to drop the kids off with her.  The leaves are almost at peak.  Gotta love all the colors.

I'm going to steal one picture from Elizabeth to show our looooonnnnng drive to the southern Massachusetts Coast:

9-hours later, we arrive!
What a warm welcome - we enjoyed a big family dinner and even had a minute to read to William before dessert. (those of you who know Matt will know this is a rare photo opp!)

Lily showed off her new Princess Wave as our dinner entertainment.

Even Luke the Pup got into the act!

Friday we had the chance to meet the "extended" family... at the Farm!

Harry leads the tour to the Llama's ...

I met Lorenzo Llama!

... I couldn't help notice his funky feet!

Then the "chicks" got in the picture

They were very productive today... Harry checks out the little one.
Somebody wasn't trying!

Here's Oscar looking proud after he caught himself a chicken.... bad boy.  ;)

After visiting the Farm and dropping the kids off to spend the day with Vo, the girls took off to do some sight-seeing.  You'll have to wait till tomorrow's post to see those shots, but here's a taste of the amazing & YUMMY seafood lunch I had at the Waterfront Grille at New Bedford Harbor.

Photos & commentary on Saturday's goings-on will also have to wait, but since I'm showing pictures of food, I need to include the shot of the Saturday Night Lobster Fest.... check out these babies that came to us at the low-low price of $5 per pound.  This is unheard of in Western NY where prices often hit $20/pound.  Oh, to live by the water.

That's all for now, tune in tomorrow for the Adventures in Fairhaven & New Bedford!  Thanks again to Paul & Elizabeth for their hospitality and friendship.  Your generosity was over-the-top.

Can't wait till our Summer 2010 trip so we can head to the beach!


elizabeth said...

Great shots! I'll have to bug a print of Oscar off of you, my parents would love it! I can't wait to see the rest of your shots! I have to email the one of you with your geo-cache!

elizabeth said...

ps - I ate that scampi for lunch today! haha! delish!