Sunday, October 25, 2009

Akron Falls Cache Log

At home, looking out the skylight... planning the day ahead

Posted to GCZWFW: Akron Falls Earth Cache

We couldn't pass up an opportunity like today - it was sunny and warm (for late October) and with all the fall leaves, we had to do some caching.  We also have a book of the "200 Waterfalls of Central & Western NY" which lists Akron Falls. 

SO, we put those two things together and here we are!  (Seems a lot of other people were thinking the same thing, because the trail was packed.  Families, photography buffs, dogs, ... everybody!)

Will post pictures soon, but this was a wonderful little hike.  The large part of the Lower falls was really flowing, bubbling whitecaps crested here.  Plus, there had to be 8-10 small rivulets on the left side of the falls.  It's hard to put the entire falls into perspective and guess the width... I'll just have to look that up.

We walked up to see how much of the Upper falls we could see, but trees/branches made it tough.  It looked to be rather impressive, so maybe we'll have to make a trip up this way in the spring.

We'll also need to make a 2nd trip because we didn't have a chance to find the bonus cache.... there were just too many people.  Oh well.  This is definitely a spot we won't mind visiting again.

  Thanks for the cache!


At home, after the cache... Swept leaves off the driveway (so you could see it) & found these five beauties while working... they needed a spot on the blog. 


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elizabeth said...

You have a gift! These are wonderful shots! The roots on that tree are amazing. Hooray for surprise beautiful weather days!