Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ya learn something new everyday...

Over the past few weeks (months?) I've had the chance to visit a number of other blogs through the 12-of-12 project, visiting the sites of crafty-people like my new friend, Elizabeth, and clicking on the "Next Blog" link on Blogger. Some of these sites are wildly creative! Often, I would ask "how'd he/she do that?" then wonder if I could do it, too.

I was feeling lazy after work today, so I figured I'd poke around on Blogger to see what's what and how I could improve my stuff.

First thing I did was consolidate my blogs. I had this one and one other which was dedicated to reviews/comments/thoughts about Podcasts to which I subscribe. I haven't posted to this blog in months and was feeling disconnected from it. I didn't want it any more, but didn't want to lose my entries. So, I imported it here! It fits nicely with the randomness of these entries and my old posts are saved.

I've also been toying with the idea of adding another type of entry to ASFoS... book "reviews". I'm part of a book club (and the keeper of its blog - here) as well as an avid reader. This month I am leading the discussion about the book Possession by A.S. Byatt - an incredibly intense book filled with literary references. I have a million thoughts about this book and would like to write them down in a place where I can reference them later. Why not here?

Second thing I noticed was that many folks use Labels to tag entries so that people can access entries that relate to a single subject or content area. What a great idea!! So, I poked around in my account to find out how I could add these labels. And, as you can see... I did it! As soon as I start adding my book stuff, I can label those, too, and reference them at ease at a later time.

I'm pretty happy with these new additions - it feeds the "continuous improvement" side of my personality. I also love learning new stuff.... it's fun! Hooray for brain expansion.

... now off to watch some TV. ;)


Debi said...

I guess I need to be brave and explore more. I want to add a photo to my blog "title" and change the colors but I haven't been successful so far. You have given me the courage to "explore"... wish me luck! Thanks...

elizabeth said...

Use google reader! I didn't think I needed it until I realized I was doing more clicking than reading! It's easy, you'll like it!