Monday, October 3, 2011

At it again

Racing season is over (I think).
I ran my last 5K this past Saturday, the Autumn Challenge in the park in my "backyard".
And guess what?!
I took 2nd place in my age group! 
(little secret... I'm not exactly sure how many people were IN my age group, but it was very few)

The day was rainy and cold (42-degrees F), so I suspect many folks opted to stay home in their cozy beds than come out and run around like a crazy fool.
But THIS crazy fool did, and I had a great time (35:07) and scored some great goodies.

SO, then the obvious next question is...

What do I do now?

No more "training" is necessary, per se, but I'm loving my new-and-improved 20-pound lighter body and want to keep it slim and strong and healthy.

With the days getting shorter and the temps dropping (it's only going to get into the upper-50s this week), the amount of outside time could be limited.  So, the hubby and I decided to break out the P90X DVDs.

Yep.  We're going to jump into the insanity that is P90X... again.  (Our first attempt, in 2009, went quite well.)
It's a great muscle-building program, but very intense.
I have the time to commit 90+ minutes a day to these workouts, but we'll see if the hubby can (with his 10-hour work days).

My goals... I have two.
1) Maintain my weight (I have a little more fat I'd like to lose, and want to build muscle... I suspect that should balance in the pounds-department).
2) I want 6-pack abs.

Today was Day-1.  I finished my workout about 45-minutes ago and already I can feel my arms getting a little tight (today was the Chest & Back workout - lots of push-ups and pull-ups).  Looking forward to tomorrow... Plyo, my favorite workout.  We'll see if I'm able to sit up, however, the Ab Ripper workout is a killer.

I'll see you tomorrow for Turn The Page... Tuesday where I fill you in on all I've been reading as of late.  See you then!


Adrienne said...

20 lbs!!!!! Wow -that is amazing! You go girl. I hope to get the release from my MD on Wed to run again - it's killing me not to - never thought I would be a runner!

See you tomorrow!


congrats on your winning!! muscling up is good, but don't forget your cardio, or you'll find the next running season difficult to start. how about cross country skying?

* elizabeth * said...

Hooray for placing! That's great!! And you are crazy about that P90X! LOL have fun!! I wish i had you determination!