Tuesday, July 12, 2011

12-of-12: July 2011

Today's 12-of-12 is being renamed to....
"My Summer Vacation"
It was a day filled with summertime activities.  
It started out with... 


This morning I made Cherry-Almond Jam...
Jam:  Before
Jam:  WIP
Jam:  Done!

Next... Cherry Pie!
Pie:  Before
Pie:  After

Mid-day, I took time to relax.
Hangin' in the Hammock
My view from the Hammock
 Finally, it was time to burn some calories... 
Self portrait:  Safety first!
First hill (it's steeper than it looks)
View of the golf course
Almost home - cooling down
If it was a little earlier, I'd grab a piece of pie to celebrate burning 500+ calories over my 16.1 miles of riding, but since I'm trying to lose a little weight, I'll save those calories for another time.

If you'd like to learn more about the 12-of-12 project, visit Chad Darnell's page.  He's the one who started it all - there you'll find other 12-of-12ers from around the world, too.

Hope you're having a great summer.  See ya next month!


Un-Apologetic Diabetic said...

Yum, Cherry jam and pie!

Way to go on the looong bike ride, you totally earned pie!!!

Feel a little funny saying this, but simply must tell you - Nice legs! :)


i'll have that pie to go!!
for some reason, this year, i've been craving cherry pie...
i just can't explain why...
nice view of the golf.
and i admire your resolve not to touch the pie afterward. that pie would be a goner if i were there.
that was a fun day!!
let's do that again!!
you ride your bike,
i eat pie!!

-Tee- said...

oh man... cherry-almond jam sounds awesome!! Might need to recipe :)

Lucrecia Bloggia said...

Wow, wow, wow!!

Your cherry pie is very photogenic! Miam!
Love the scenery of your bike ride. 16.1 miles is almost 26 kilometers!! In hills, I'd be dead before the end! I find the hamoc ride more appealing to me! ;¬)

TJ said...

I LOVE cherries and that pie looks delicious! Thanks for sharing your day...

Mary Ellis said...

Very ambitious day - You accomplished a LOT! I'm with Ticklebear on this one - (if there were a "LIKE" button, I'd click it) :) - that pie wouldn't have lasted long at MY house either!

WIR said...

mmmh, delicous the cherrys and much better the cherry pie :).

It seems it was a nice day.


Lora said...

YUM! Now I want me some cherry pie.

mymusicallungs said...

Wow-those cherries are excellent. What is it about cherry pie that cures all ills?! It was so lovely to see the shots of you making it-reminded me of my Grandmother.
And the bike ride looked great too-congratulations on your summer of fitness-it's going great!

See you next month. HUgs from AB too xx

Snuva said...

Can I possibly, please have your cheery almond jam recipe? It's mid winter here in Tasmania, but last summer I made brandied cherries so we'd have them for this time of year - yum!!!