Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pain. No gain.

So, I'm tooling around the interwebs visiting blogs I frequent and then "blondering" (blog-wandering) to new ones that look interesting.  I land on Hip Mountain Mama's and read her most recent entry entitled "Truthful Tuesday" where she posts about the less-than-pretty-and-perfect side of life, then encourages other to do so.

I have been pondering this entry all day today.  Mountain Mama (and some of the bloggers who commented on her post) convinced me to do so.

I'm in pain.  Physical pain, which is causing me mental pain.
The triathlon is less than three weeks away and I am "sidelined" for the moment with nasty hip pain.  This is a type of pain that I don't know if it's just a muscle issue or something more serious like a stress fracture.

This past Saturday (the 12th) I ran my first 5K race.  I pushed myself hard (and had a friend pushing, too, for good measure).  I finished in 36:10 minutes... a personal best.   I felt pretty good that day, but then Sunday the pain got serious.

These last two days I've downed a bunch of Advil & Tylenol so that I could walk relatively pain-free.
I can walk, and that's about it.

I want to run.
I want to bike.
I want to work-out.
The TRI is coming!
I want to be ready.... but I can't do anything because I worry that if I do anything it will make my hip/leg worse.

GRRRRRRRRrrrrrr - this is frustrating!

Okay, deep breath time.  It will be okay.
I just have to think of this as a "light duty" week, a rest week.
By resting my muscles, they will have a chance to recover.
I will be stronger next week because of it.

I'm going to be fine for the Tri.
I will.
I have to believe that.

Tho maybe the reality is that I won't be... maybe this is something that must wait till next year.
I don't know.
Fingers crossed that I can still do the event.

We'll know in 18 days.

UPDATE - 6/19:  Went to the doctor, got x-rays, no fractures noticed.  In fact, the x-ray report says I'm "unremarkable".  This probably isn't the word I need to hear right now about myself... but I take it as a positive report.  Now I'm on Prednisone for a couple days and got a script for some big-daddy ibuprofen.  Wednesday is when I'll try easing back into my workouts.


Umatji said...

aah, my brother did a marathon and had a similar experience quite close to the date. He rested and then was able to do it. Resting when you want to be running is so hard but it is the only thing to do. HOpe you make it - if not - you will be more than well equipt for next year.
Thanks for coming by my blog - good luck with the tri!

Adrienne said...

Take care of yourself - if not you will be in more pain and really have no gain! Ok - enough lecture - I do hope you heal and can make it!