Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Honeymoon

The Hubby and I are coming up on our 15th wedding anniversary.

The week we got married we put a down payment on our first home.  That was our honeymoon money... (we are very practical). Since then, we've been spent much of our free time (and spare cash) on improvements for our current home... vacations have not been very high on the priority list.

Till this year.
We're caught up on most projects, we're not ready for others, so this year... it's a cross-country country trip! New York to California for 4-days of pampering in the middle of mountain-hugged giant forest - Sequoia & Kings Canyon.

This was a trip of a lifetime!  And it was absolutely perfect.  Perfect weather, perfect accomodations, perfect time with my love.  I know you would have loved to be there... but since it was the honeymoon, you'll have to settle for photos.  Here are a few of my favorite (click on the pictures to see them in full view).

Palm trees????  
We aren't in New York any more!
Can you believe this sunset?  
On our way up, through the foothills, toward our final destination.
This was our view almost every morning when we walked from our room to the lodge for breakfast.
If you ever go to Sequoia National Park... and need a place to stay, 
The Wuksachi Lodge is the place to be - excellent rooms, fantastic food, and friendly staff.

DAY 1 
Our first waterfall, of many, during the trip.
We hiked though the woods... surrounded by giant peaks...
... ending up here.
This picture doesn't show how tired we were... 
2.25 mile walk, uphill, in the snow with another 2.25 to get back to the car.
But it was SO worth it... see the giant waterfall in the background?

Our first visit to the big trees... with a perfect blue sky.
Can you see me???  I'm that teeny, tiny, white X at the base of the tree.
These are BIG trees.
REALLY BIG... can you find me in this photo?
Such gigantic trees.  Such a small pinecone.
From snow covered... to the BEACH!
We snaked our way down 5000' of mountain into the foothills near Potwisha, CA.
My beautiful husband snapped this shot of a beautiful waterfall.
Here's the view from the other side of the falls.
My FAVORITE wildflower photo.  California Milkweed.
These trees are too tall, they won't fit in the frame.
Yes, you could build a small house in here!
Soooooo Big!
The General Sherman is the largest living thing on the planet Earth.

On our way to Cedar Grove, through Kings Canyon
Waterfalls, probably only visible in spring, popped up everywhere!
With others raging... like Grizzly Falls
Roaring River Falls
A look up to where all this water came from - snow melt off the mountain peaks.
What?!  Another waterfall?  This one's not on any map, may not be around for long.
It surprised us while on our way back to Wuksachi.
Lupine with Ladybug

Our final day with the big trees.  
The hubby, with the Mark Twain Stump (the tree was cut down in 1891).
The Nation's Christmas Tree.  The General Grant.
This big boy fell in 1985.  (Can you see me?)

After vising the big trees, we went down (to 3000') to see the wildflowers.  
Here's some Yucca that was burned in a recent fire.
Best shot of the week??
How about this one?

On our final night, we snapped a self portrait.
I call it...
"The Honeymooners"

 Good night!

If you'd like to see the full set, click here, to link to it.  As always, thank you for visiting.  I hope you enjoyed my photos.  Please do not use any photo without permission.  I welcome your requests.


Adrienne said...

what an amazing vacation. such beautiful pictures. I cannot get over the size of those trees. oh my!


your sunset over the mountains is the one that takes my breath away. loving the big trees, especially your first pic, upward. impressive, commanding respects. they've been around longer than we have. as for your best shot of the week, i'd go with the 2nd one.
glad you had a great time.some things are worth waiting for!!

Sunny Archibald said...

Beautiful pictures of what looks to be a beautiful vacation/honeymoon.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Wonderful pictures and happy anniversary. Definitely not NY scenery these days -- so magnificent.

elizabeth said...

Awesome shots! That really looks like the perfect trip for you too! I'm so glad you got out there! All your shots were SO freaking good.