Monday, April 12, 2010

12-of-12: April 2010

A 12-of-12 on a Monday... ick.  Oh well.  I did my best to be creative while going along with my day.  I brought my camera into some interesting places (and got a couple funny looks), but hey!  It's the 12-of-12.  I had to!

We have some new "neighbors" in the area... BEAVERS!  Tho I haven't seen them yet, I have seen their handy-work.  I've been told they can take down trees like this in about 5 minutes.

LOTS of errands to run today during lunch time.  First... a trip to the doctors to get my Tetnus vaccine and PPD test.  Not fun, but I hafta get it done (for work).
This was fun... down the road from the doctor's is my favorite 'Animal' store to get food and treats for the kids.  Gus, the owners hound dog, wasn't in today, so no puppy fix during my visit.
Errands done & had about 10 minutes before I had to visit my next customer, so I stopped at this nice spot for lunch.

The Bug checks out the goodies I bought home for him & Mackie.  They approve!
Time for a quick walk before puppy dinner & then off to swimming.
While the kids eat, I have a chance to take a peek at my three new (loaner) books!  I can't decide which one to read first... might just dive into all three at once.  :P'''

Random photo time!
This weekend the snake (Tsunami - our 9-plus foot Jungle Carpet Python) sloughed her skin (she shed).  It's an amazing thing to watch if you haven't seen it before.  She did a great job... only one tear in the whole thing.  Here she is smiling at you:
Here's a view the whole thing.  You will notice, the skin is inside out... it is pealed off like one lonnnnng sock.

When I went outside to take my "View from the Porch" photo, I couldn't help notice my Hostas... peeking out of the ground.  I LOVE all the new growth in spring.

Finally... it's off to the pool.  I haven't calculated my distance yet, but it was probably close to a mile (I hope so, at least).

The View from the Porch:
What a difference a month makes!  This shot has looked virtually identical the last two months (snow and snow)... but not today!  We've have temps in the 60s, 70s, and 80s these last few weeks so the snow is gone and the plants are poppin!  The crocuses emerged and faded in March - now the lilies, hosta, and all things green are starting to grow.  HOORAY!


RDOwens said...

Nice set. I like the snake skin. Thanks for sharing.


welcome to the wild kingdom!! from beavers to python... never a boring moment!!
i love that spot you picked for lunch. nice location.
cool set!!
see you next month!!

TJ said...

I liked your photos and really liked the one with your dog sniffing out the treats. Thats just too funny. Anyway, thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing next moths pictures.

Dogeared said...

Yikes, you have a 9 foot python? Interesting to see the shed skin though! And yay for the snow being gone and spring coming through! :D

Pete said...

Now the python I want to see a pic of next month!

Great pics as always Jill, the lunchtime respite looks like a very nice, calming spot to enjoy lunch.

Jill said...

Here's a picture of Tsunami... so you can see what she really looks like:



Bec said...

I felt queasy just looking at those needles! I hate shots!

Lucrecia Bloggia said...

A Python skin?!? Wow...
This is an educational 12 for me!

Beavers are surely great workers! They can change a landscape in a very short time!

Thanks for sharing!

linoue said...

Jill, if there is an animal lover out there it's you, a python pet? You are not a scared person. I must admit the skin is amazing in its texture and transparency. Your dogs are the coolest, Bug and Mackie they look adorable. Thank you for sharing wonderful pictures.

~Sheryl said...

hey Jill, nice naturey 12 of 12, thanks for sharing. I'm making my rounds a bit late this month..ugh.
How in the world do you get shoes on the puppies? LOL

Thanks for stopping by mine.