Thursday, November 12, 2009

12-of-12: November 2009

I had some great ideas about what I wanted to do for today's 12-of-12.... a picture every hour from 6am till 6pm (selecting one from each hour for the 12 shots of the day) and I REALLY wanted to get a picture of a cow (since I was going to be doing a lot of country driving today).

I failed on each count.
BUT... I did get some really cool other shots.

On my way to Corning, NY.  It's cold this morning... hovering around freezing.

In Corning, NY... the home of Corning Glass & the Corning Museum of Glass.

Glass was an integral part of every building.

Here's one of Corning Glass' HQ.  Slightly hidden by this pretty tree, but you can still see all the glass that surrounds it.
If you'd like to see more shots of the Corning Glass campus, click here to see the pics that didn't make it in the final 12-of -12 cut.

Back home... no more leaves on the trees and it's getting dark, fast.

My new obsession... knot tying.

Finished this one tonight... 
 & after 

Created by Chad Darnell, the 12-of-12 is a photo project where participants post 12 photos from their day on the 12th day of each month.  Go check out his site for other great photos!  See ya next month.



dark at 6-ish???
lucky you.
as for the knots,
my mind is in the gutter (as usual, thinking the husbie must like your new hobby...)
this said...
one of your pics at corning makes me wonder if we see the continuation of one building in the reflection or another entirely...
nice trick, girl, nice trick!!
& never tell!!!

TJ said...

A nice set of photos for this 12 of 12. I really like the architecture shots. Thanks for sharing...

Box of Treasures said...

Love the knots! Very cool! I tend to go for fly tying, but the knots are looking enticing....

RDOwens said...

Nice set. We actually have a museum of glass here in Millville, NJ too. :)

I love the knots. Growing up, many of our lamps had similarly tied knots on the pull handles. Nice memory that brought back.

Bec said...

Neat knots! Nice shots (even though there's not one of a cow!)
Is this where Corningware is made?

Jill said...

** Bec **
I believe Corningware is originally from Corning, NY, but was sold in the 90s to another company. In Corning, NY the company there is more into hi-tech glass/ceramics than housewares (something I didn't realize till I checked today).


Lucrecia Bloggia said...

Wow! I really like the knots! Cool hobby!
Your pictures are really nice. I like the archecture ones, but the blue of the sky on the 6:00 pm shot is so... blue? (there's a lack of vocabulary here), it really got my attention!

A frustrated cow lover

Nancy E said...

I love the glass pictures.... gorgeous area --- I have family in upstate NY -- feels like home. :)

lovesmukiwa said...

Cool pictures. How did you get interested in knots?

khowaga said...

Y'know, there's a herd of longhorn cows right across the street that I've never managed to take a photo of -- so I feel ya!

I've been to that museum -- years and years ago. Nice shots!!

violetdaisy said...

I LOVE your shots!!! Amazing!!!

Yeah...the program is called Land of the Letter People. Each letter has a person (puppet) and each one has a special quality (Like Mr. M has a Munching Mouth) to help remember their letter.

Dogeared said...

I love the 6pmish shot, of the blue sky and trees! And thanks for the lovely architecture shots, it was great to get a tour!

Sorry I'm late commenting - busy week at work!